Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Five years ago today

Five years ago today, on Thanksgiving morning, my dad passed away. I am so grateful for the memories I have of my dad and for the amazing relationship we shared.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, two great stories Carmen. That homemade antibiotic is just a wonderful thing to read. So much of what our ansesters must have done to care for their families had to be such home remedies as you described. As I read things now a days the scientists are now finding how these natural erbs and ingredients work to help our bodies.
Your description of Alexa feeling so bad made me feel sad, but your research and willingess to find a solution was a great motherly act. I commend you for you dillegence.
I also especially liked your message about your dad. It makes me feel wonderful that you loved your dad so much. I also liked him. He had a wonderful personality. I especially liked that deer hunting story Tony tells of how when your dad fell asleep in the woods a black lab dog came along and began to lick his face and woke him up. ha ha, just like Ritchie!
love bing