Monday, December 31, 2007

Events of the last few weeks

Our first Christmas here came with some snow....nothing accumulated though. Santa found us and the kids were happy about that! My brother, his girlfriend, and her three children were up to visit us this past week. Rick's girlfriend's parents live in Portland so they stayed there and Rick drove here on Sunday to visit us and to see where we live. Yesterday we all met (Dan and Cori came too) at OMSI (Oregon museum of science and industry) in Portland. We had a very nice visit and are looking foward to 2008.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saturday events

One of our daycare parents (Ted) is a professional actor and professor at Western Oregon University. He is acting in the play A Christmas Carol in Portland and gave us five free tickets to see his performance at Portland Center Stage. We brought Dan, Cori, and Courtney with us. Children under age 6 are not allowed in so Alexa and Eli stayed with a friend of ours. The play was excellent!!!!! Ted graciously showed us backstage after the play and Courtney really liked that!

Before the play we drove to Dan and Cori's new apartment in Beaverton and then we all drove together into Portland. Afterwards we stopped at Shari's for dinner. Tony and I have discovered their veggie burgers and have been filling our burger cravings with them. We have changed our diets so drastically that it's hard to eat out. We are now eating about 99.9% vegan and we make sure everything we put in our mouths is all natural and healthy. I've been having fun looking up vegan recipes, especially that children will eat. We are now a vegetarian daycare and we've found a great tofu "chicken nugget" recipe that all the children loved....they have no idea it's not chicken. We all feel so healthy and energetic!!

If anyone is interested, The China Study by Dr. Campbell is an excellent book on health and nutrition.

Bald Man

Tony decided to shave his head last weekend.