Sunday, September 23, 2007

projects and colds

We've spent the last two weekends doing projects around the house. I started painting the kitchen/hallway and did more painting on the murral in one of our playrooms. Tony put in french doors in our living room and hung a light fixture. A lot of the daycare children have colds and I started with it last week..I am feeling much better now though. Eli has it, but is recovering now. He scared us the other night though; I heard him crying in the middle of the night and went in his room to find him inhaling and exhaling really loudly, like he was struggling to breathe. Tony started the shower and we brought Eli in the bathroom to breathe in the steam...that helped a little, but not a lot. I then took him outside and his breathing started to normalize again. Seems he gets that with his colds. This happend a different time when we were living in Rhinelander and the doctor there told me it sounded like croup, and then told me ways to help his breathing...steam and cold outside air. I am VERY happy to say Eli is fine now, he just has a stuffy nose.

Happy fall to everyone!! The leaves haven't started turning yet, but we hear it's beautiful when they do. In a couple of weeks we are headed to Grants Pass to visit my cousin (Kristy) and her family. They are only about an hour from California so we are going to go hiking in the redwoods..... we are looking foward to that!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Camping at Beverly Beach

We went camping this weekend with Dan and Cori, Angie and Doug and their two children, Savanna and Jake. The campground was beautiful and it was just a short walk from the Ocean. We spent some time at the beach until the childen were frozen stiff, and then we had a campfire and sat around the fire. The children all played great together and had lots of fun exploring their surroundings! That ocean air kept us pretty cold at night though. We woke up ready to head home. We are still getting used to the traffic around here! We are amazed that the highways heading towards the coast are two lanes instead of four!

Third grade

Courtney started third grade last week and is happy to be back. Her teacher's name is Ms. Duerr and she is a recent grad of Lindfield College here in Mcminnville. Courtney really likes her so far and says she has 26 kids in her class!!! Court got a haircut too.

Alexa woke up on the first day of school to find Courtney gone and then started crying...she was so sad! Tony took Alexa to get courtney off the bus after school though, so that cheered her up a bit. Those two love each other so much! Alexa has adjusted to the change now and is filling her days playing with Eli and all the other daycare children.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A few more pics of our trip to Astoria


Dan and Cori came up to spend the weekend with us and we drove to Astoria on Saturday. A few movies were filmed there such as Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, and Short Circuit. We saw the house where Goonies was filmed and the school were they filmed Kindergarten Cop. We stopped at a beach on the ocean and went for pizza before leaving. The scenery was beautiful!!! Next weekend we are heading over to Beverly Beach in Newport to do some camping.
It's off to school for Courtney tomorrow!